Irish handmade jewellery created in Galway on the Wild Atlantic Way, between the rugged beauty of Connemara and the rocky grandeur of the Burren.

Mags Mannion Designs Galway is an Irish Jewellery company specialising in handmade bespoke pieces, symbolic Celtic motifs and ancestral items.

Fáilte go Mags Mannion Designs Galway, cuideachta seodra lámhdhéanta Éireannach atá lonnaithe i nGaillimh ar Bhealach an Atlantaigh Fhiáin.

Inspired by Irish archaeology, history, landscape, myth and legend

The collection includes a range of thoughtfully crafted and individual pieces imbued with stories and meaning.

Her designs use traditionally crafted glass beads, natural sea glass, stone and wood to produce personalised contemporary pieces of jewellery interwoven with the culture and lore of the past.

Crafted in Galway between the rugged scenery of Connemara and the magical Burren landscape, each piece reflects the culture and colour of this beautiful part of the world.

Weaving Stories

in Glass

My background is in archaeology and my interest stems from research I did while completing a PhD on medieval Ireland. I wanted to explore how artisans in the past worked with glass and metal in crafting personal jewellery and how they were used as heirloom pieces, amulets and talismans.

The pieces I make are based on ancient and traditional designs reworded as bespoke contemporary pieces. I also take orders for commissioned pieces.

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Specialist reports
March 25, 2021


A piece I wrote for TVAS (Ireland) an Irish Archaeological Consultancy firm. I have analysed beads from their excavations for them for a number of years. TVAS (Ireland) Ltd. ‘…
March 18, 2021

Caring for your Jewellery Piece

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Any Questions?

Mags, made me beads from sand from where my parents are originally from, Aran Islands and Connemara. So they are ancestral beads, amazing work.
My family loved the beads, I like the fact they are all different yet similar, like a family. My kids have picked theirs already and my sister was very touched. One of the beads made with the Aran Islands sand will go to my uncle in Alaska who emigrated to there from the Aran Islands.

Lovely lady to deal with

Fiona McDonagh

I love my necklace and earrings set really unique colours really captures the Autumn woodlands and its great to know its individual

Deirdre Costello

I love the beads you made from my father’s cremation ashes, they are a treasured keepsake and the colour is perfect, it captures exactly what I wanted.

Joyce Redmond

I have hung some of the beads you made from my brother’s cremation ashes in my car and I love that I am able to have this keepsake of him to bring with me on my travels.

Stephen Kay

I really love the beads you made from my Dad’s ashes, they give me great comfort and keep his memory alive for me. They are exquisite and really special to have something of him with me forever.

Michelle Lucas

Fáilte go Mags Mannion Designs Galway, cuideachta seodra lámhdhéanta Éireannach atá lonnaithe i nGaillimh ar Bhealach an Atlantaigh Fhiáin.