The Heritage Collection

The Heritage collection pieces are based on ancient and traditional designs worn in the past both in Ireland and in other cultures, reworked as bespoke contemporary pieces. Designs include spirals, triskeles, eye motifs.

The Ancestral and Personal Memories Collection

The Memories collection pieces are personalised tangible keepsakes of your own ‘hallowed spaces’. They are our personal heirlooms invoking memories of the special people and places we encounter on our life journey.

Tiny grains of sand, gravel or pebbles from a beach, lane way, forest path or family garden are some examples of the tangible items which can be encapsulated into my specially crafted glass beads, pendants or studs. These can then be strung to wear or framed to hang, creating an object that captures a remembrance of personal significance and meaning to keep forever.

Each ancestral bead becomes part of your life story, woven in glass. Your own personal heirlooms timelessly evoking memories of special spaces, events or occasions for evermore.

I collect the sand myself, you pick the colours and style and start your own ancestral family heirloom collection.

‘Hallowed Spaces’ bead with sand from the wild Atlantic Way

‘Hallowed Spaces’ beads with sand from the wild Atlantic Way strung as a 6-bead necklace on a black cord.

The Woodlands Collection

The Woodlands collection pieces are inspired by the colours and textures of the nature and wildlife encountered in the tranquil and timeless surroundings of wooded areas.

The pieces resonate with memories of swirling, rustling leaves in shades of green, amber, copper red and brown.

The Treasures of

the Sea Collection

The treasures of the sea collection pieces are inspired by the invigorating and refreshing experience of being near the sea. The calmness instilled by the great expanse of shades of blue, grey and white stretching into the horizon and the ceaseless lapping of waves grounds us in the circle of life.

The colours capture the lapping waves of grey, blue and green on a sandy beach or the tumultuous crashing of breakers against the cliffs and quays.

Remembrance beads

Remembrance beads are made from a small amount of a loved one’s cremation ashes. They can be commissioned as personal jewellery or as framed pieces. They are carefully crafted after consultation on the personal requests of the family. Mags has created remembrance beads for families in Ireland and abroad

My family loved the memory beads you made for my family from sand from the Aran Islands and Connemara. I like the fact they are all different yet similar, like a family. My kids have picked theirs already and my sister was very touched. One of the beads made with the Aran Islands sand will go to my uncle in Alaska who emigrated to there from the Aran Islands.

Fiona McDonagh

I love my necklace and earrings set really unique colours really captures the Autumn woodlands and its great to know its individual

Deirdre Costello

I love the beads you made from my father’s cremation ashes, they are a treasured keepsake and the colour is perfect, it captures exactly what I wanted.

Joyce Redmond

I have hung some of the beads you made from my brother’s cremation ashes in my car and I love that I am able to have this keepsake of him to bring with me on my travels.

Stephen Kay

I really love the beads you made from my Dad’s ashes, they give me great comfort and keep his memory alive for me. They are exquisite and really special to have something of him with me forever.

Michelle Lucas