Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends

I have always been captivated by the stories behind the jewellery people wore in the past. For instance, the jewellery and other personal items people wore usually had multiple functions connected to the designs such as spirals and ‘eyes’ on the pieces. They were worn because they were beautiful but many because of the designs also functioned as talismans or amulets. The jewellery you wore could also denote cultural ties, status and wealth. The beliefs, myths and legends that informed these designs is fascinating and I want to share just a few with you.

All items are lead and nickel free

‘Eye Beads’

The use of ‘eye beads’ as protective talismans or amulets is an ancient universal belief. In its most basic form ‘eye beads’ were used to deflect the first glance of the malevolent ‘evil eye’. The concept   underpins legends such as the ‘eye of Horus’, ‘the Medusa legend’ and in Ireland ‘Balor the one-eyed god’ who could strike a person down with a look from his single eye.

‘Eye beads’ are among the earliest types of beads made and they continue to be used in many parts of the world today.

My family loved the memory beads you made for my family from sand from the Aran Islands and Connemara. I like the fact they are all different yet similar, like a family. My kids have picked theirs already and my sister was very touched. One of the beads made with the Aran Islands sand will go to my uncle in Alaska who emigrated to there from the Aran Islands.

Fiona McDonagh

I love my necklace and earrings set really unique colours really captures the Autumn woodlands and its great to know its individual

Deirdre Costello

I love the beads you made from my father’s cremation ashes, they are a treasured keepsake and the colour is perfect, it captures exactly what I wanted.

Joyce Redmond

I have hung some of the beads you made from my brother’s cremation ashes in my car and I love that I am able to have this keepsake of him to bring with me on my travels.

Stephen Kay

I really love the beads you made from my Dad’s ashes, they give me great comfort and keep his memory alive for me. They are exquisite and really special to have something of him with me forever.

Michelle Lucas